A Complete Guide to Install a Paper Towel Holder

40500 Magnetic Paper Towel Holder

We can not deny that a paper towel holder is a great option for your homeless paper towel. Rather of leaving your paper towel without any holder, a good and safe one will make the many of it. More surprisingly, you can also benefit its look to include style to your space.

How to Install Paper Towel Holders in the proper way

As you can see, a good holder for paper towels is simply as important as other house devices you have. You will discover a lot of alternatives offered in the market too if you choose horizontal holder that can be mounted on the wall or under the cabinet. How can we mount this holder later on?

Step by Step for Installing Paper Towel Holders Properly

Actually, there is absolutely nothing complicated in setting up a magnetic paper towel holder. You can firstly discover the right place where you desire to mount the holder.

1. Mark the location

Once you decided where to install the holder, you require to mark the location with a pencil or anything. Make sure that the location of the paper towel holder suits the rest of your space's aspects.

2. Take a scrap wood

To make it simple for you to install the wall install paper towel holder, scrap wood is a must. Cut the scrap wood so that it has a similar length to the bar of on your holder. Then, make holes with a drill on the scrap wood to attach the screw later on.

3. Attach the holder to the scrap wood

Now you can connect the holder to the scrap wood. Simply drive your screws through the scrap wood until completions of the screws stand out to the opposite. This method, it will be easier for you to find the pre-drilled holes underneath the cabinet (if you install the holder under a cabinet).

4. Attach the holder under the cabinet

Finally, you can connect the paper towel holder wall mount under the cabinet. Connect the holder to where you want to install it previously. Then, drive the screws through the bottom of the cabinet. After that, you will have your paper towel a brand-new house that is helpful and improves style to your area.

Tips to Install Paper Towel Holders

Now, you have known the action by action for setting up the holder. Before you leave, there are some suggestions to get the most of the holder. First of all, you need to get the very best holder for an excellent reason. Paper towel holders can offer you more than simply a location to keep your paper towels organized.

Consider the other home appliances or furnishings inside your room before choosing where you want to install the holder. Last however not least, set up the wall mounted paper towel holder correctly!

If you're looking for a hassle-free yet advanced paper towel holder, then we suggest you to get the one from Quinno. It is made of premium products which guarantee durability.

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